Adding Strength To Customised Parts

Many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy renovating a neglected antique bike they’ve come across on the internet or found languishing in a farmer’s field. Spares that are no longer available for a particular model have to be adapted from a current version which is frequently made of aluminium. Customising a simple bracket can be carried out easily but can weaken areas that have had to be reduced in size. If the bracket undergoes an anodising treatment the strength will be increased by as much as three times depending on how long the bracket is left in the chemical solution with the electromagnetic current passing through. When finished the hardness of the adapted bracket is now only inferior to a diamond and when fitted to the motorcycle will give years of reliable strength.

Developing A Sense Of Colour

Spares such as the petrol tank cover of a motorcycle are always on show and benefit from an intense depth of colour. When replacing an old one with a new aluminium cover, anodising can produce an impressive colour effect. There are more than two hundred shades to choose from that can be layered and customised or matched to an existing product which is useful when aiming at an accurate restoration. The part is soaked in a tank full of dye which is absorbed into the microscopic pores in the aluminium’s surface and when anodised the colour locks permanently into the metal. Both matte and mirror finishes have a metallic translucency that reflects light from different angles almost as if they were diamond-cut.

Getting Ready On Time

There are several vintage motorcycle clubs where fans will gather to admire restored bikes. Making sure the deadline of an event can be met when restoring a classic bike can be nerve-wracking but waiting for the last anodised parts to be delivered is never a problem. The process itself takes only a few hours from the initial surface treatment of sand blasting, then the immersion in a chemical electrolyte tank and on to curing in a heated oven for twenty minutes. The parts can be treated, packaged and delivered all on the same day if schedules allow. Anodising is quick, easy and so cost effective that a vintage motorcycle can be restored for very little financial outlay. The anodising of individual aluminium components by Edmo for your favourite hobby is just one of their specialities.