No matter the condition of your junk car you can still make money off of it. There are plenty of organization that will happily take it off your hands and provide a little coin in your pocket. How much coin mostly depends on the kind of junk car you have, but it also depends on how you sell it. If you are interested in making some profit off of your old car, here are the basics in what to do and where to go.


Selling a junk car is a little involved. Before you even think about selling it you need to satisfy a few necessary steps. First, you have to make sure you have the title. Second, you need to understand any and all requirements the DMV may have on getting rid of junked cars. Finally, you need to cancel your insurance, cancel your registration, and remove your license plates. It is also advisable to clean the junk car out and get rid of any excess gas that may still be in the tank.

Find the Value

Determining value is another step you need to take in preparing your auto for sale. If you have a valuable car it changes how you get rid of it. Common cars are best for places like salvage yards, junkyards, or online organizations that deal in junk cars. Valuable cars are the fodder of collectors, restorers, and part hunters. In some cases your whole car may be standard with on part holding value. In those cases you can scrap the car and sell the individual part. Either way the road you take to market and sell you has-been auto starts by finding its value.

Go Online

The internet is a great place to find market options for your junk car. A simple search for money for junk cars Pittsburgh PA. will get the ball rolling. There are numerous online organizations that deal in junk cars. Any one of them will offer you a flat rate for the vehicle and will more than happily pick it up. You can also peruse junkyards and salvage yards in your area as well. Online retail platforms should only be used if your car bears value. Such platforms will allow you to market your car to a wider mass of consumers.


Salvage buys cars based on their weight. So you will get quoted a price related to how heavy your auto is and the current value of steel. If you have a bigger junk car than you could stand to make some good coin. Most likely, however, it will be a meager amount. Salvage rates on the same level as junk car organizations. They offer the lowest prices but the best convenience. Many salvage yards will also pick up your car free of charge. If your junk car does not bear much value than this choice is optimal and hassle free.


Another option is scrapping your car for parts. This should only be done if you know a little about cars and can do the job yourself. Using a service to scrap you car will ultimately take away the profit. Scrapping is good for rare finds as any part of the car bears value. Especially for restorers who look for original parts.