It is almost unavoidable to drive around without some damage being inflicted on your windshield. However, not every crack or chip means you need a replacement. One thing is for sure, you do not want to leave it alone because it will get worse. Here is a nice little guide to aid you in deciphering whether the damage constitutes a repair or replacement.

Repair if the Crack is Smaller than a Dollar
The general rule surrounding windshield damage is the smaller the crack the less likely you need a replacement. The measuring tool most professionals use is a dollar bill. If the scratch is smaller than a dollar it can be repaired. A good windshield tech can take care of it in under 30 minutes. The cost will be minimal, and your insurance will probably take care of it. That is an added bonus of dealing with actual windshield replacement companies. They deal directly with insurance providers to make the process much more convenient.

Repair if it Does Not Impair
Many experts firmly believe that if the chip or crack is somewhere in the driver’s site line that merits a replacement. However, this rule of thumb also cuts the other way. If the crack is not in your line of site but somewhere off to the side than you are good with a repair.

Replace if it the Crack is at the Edge
If you receive a chip or crack near the edge of your windshield a replacement will be warranted. This is because the damage in question is structural and not cosmetic. A chip off to the right you can cover with a dollar can be fixed with a little resin. A chip at the edge reduces the strength of your windshield and is a much larger problem. Left alone the whole thing could shatter eventually.

Replace if there is a Family
If you have three or more cracks in your windshield it does not matter if they are smaller than a dollar. Together they add up to more than a repair can handle. In such cases, a whole new windshield is warranted.

Windshield repair is not that involved. DIY kits can be purchased from numerous locations. However, the best way to go is with a service. There are many professional windshield replacement arlington heights il services online. A tech will drill a hole into your windshield onto the crack. The tech will then use a vacuum to suck out the air and fill it with resin. Simple, effective, quick, and you will not even see a trace of a crack afterward.

Replacements do not take much longer to perform than repairs. The damaged windshield is simply removed, a new one is installed and then bonded into place. This is why many services offer to perform the task in the parking lot.